Our Community

Apparelmaster Sponsorship and Community support initiatives

Every Apparelmaster business in New Zealand is proudly locally owned and operated. Apparelmaster business owners and their teams understand the impact their business has on their community and aims to take positive action where it can at both a national and community level.


Child Cancer Foundation

Since 2010, Apparelmaster is proud to be a key supporter of the Child Cancer Foundation. Each year the Apparelmaster group endeavours to raise increasing funds to assist the foundation with providing practical and emotional support to children with cancer and their families.

The Child Cancer Foundation, assists over 900 families around New Zealand at any one time. Below are some of the ways the Apparelmaster family go about raising funds to help the foundation with their efforts.

  • In 2010, a charity auction was undertaken at the Apparelmaster Annual Conference and later in the year Apparelmaster undertook a nationwide survey and donated 20c for every customer survey that was completed and returned.
  • In 2011, Apparelmaster teams around the country undertook various activities to raise funds during Child Cancer support month (March). The top fundraising Apparelmaster team was announced at the Annual Apparelmaster conference where the inaugral trophy was awarded to Pryors Apparelmaster who raised over $2400 dollars during the month.
  • Apparelmaster members also donate prizes to be auctioned and put their hands in the air to bid at an auction held during the Annual Apparelmaster Awards evening.

In the short time this relationship has been in place, Apparelmaster is proud to have donated over $25,000 to the Child Cancer Foundation and looks forward to contributing more in the years ahead.

Amanda Nicolle of the Child Cancer foudnation hands over the inaugural Apparelmaster Fundraising for Child Cancer trophy to Brett Homan and Emma Pryor of Pryors Apparelmaster.

Bevan Ritchie of Apparelmaster New Zealand Head Office hands Amanda Nicolle of the Child Cancer Foundation, a cheque for some of the money raised by the Apparelmaster group in 2011, at the Apparelmaster Annual Conference in May 2011


In the Community

Apparelmaster owners and their teams around New Zealand take pride in giving back to their community and all members of the group support community groups and/or initiatives in one way or another. Below are just a few examples of Apparelmaster giving back to the community.


Apparelmaster Christchurch supporting young netballers

Apparelmaster Christchurch are proud supporters of the under 10’s netball team ‘The Little Divas’ who have taken on the challenges of playing teams of older (and taller!) girls throughout the season.

To recognize the great effort the girls have made, Apparelmaster Christchurch have bought them new ‘skorts’ and donated $150 toward their club fundraiser.