Our Commitment
to The Environment

Apparelmaster Group - Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Policy and Commitments

We as a group believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is to operate with a high regard for the quality of life of our people and local communities, as well as for the wider communities and the natural environment that we impact when undertaking our business.

We are committed to continually re-examining the way we do business and by encouraging our suppliers and customers to do the same.

We are aiming to do this by aligning with five of the United Nation's Sustainability Development Goals, setting short, medium, and long goals with a view to completion by 2023. Our progress will be formally monitored and reviewed by our Carbon and Sustainability program science partners at Instep.

The environment and minimising our impact upon it is a huge foundation of Apparelmasters values, and we aim to reduce it by improving energy and water efficiency through wise investment in technology and considering alternative energy sources where available.

Apparelmaster New Zealand is committed to minimising adverse effects on the environment, and delivering benefits to all stakeholders, from our employees to our clients.

This will be achieved through:

Environmental Legislation

Keeping up to date, and complying with, environmental legislation and local government policies and plans.

Waste Minimisation

Minimising waste through recycling where appropriate and disposing of any waste in an environmentally acceptable manner.


Purchasing and providing goods and services that are manufactured, used and disposed of in a way that has minimal adverse effects on our environment.

Energy & Water Efficiency

Improving energy and water efficiency through wise investment in energy efficient technology including machinery and company fleet vehicles and considering alternative energy sources where available.


Consulting with staff on environmental matters and training them on the efficient and safe use of all plant and equipment, so as to meet the company’s environmental objectives.

Customers And Our Community

Communicating our commitment to the safekeeping of the environment to our customers and the wider community.

Continuous Improvement

Regularly monitoring and reviewing the effects our operations have on the environment and using the results to develop smart, practical measures aimed at reducing adverse environmental effects.

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