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Choosing floor mat rental services with Apparelmaster makes life easy with programmed cleaning and repairs.

Company floor mats are not only highly practical — they demonstrate your company's commitment to safety and hygiene. Mats can also be used effectively to help reinforce your company's corporate identity and brand messages. At Apparelmaster, we provide a wide range of floor mat options to cover all your company's requirements. With a broad range of mats available including standard entrance mats, safety mats and unique corporate-branded mats, we have the right floor matting solution for your business.

We also provide a full and comprehensive floor mat service, tailored to meet your company’s specific business requirements. Our most popular service is our Full Floor Mat Rental and Mat Cleaning Service, an all-in-one service that includes floor mat rental and regular replacement of your worn, used floor mats with new floor mats

Speak to us today about our workplace and workwear rental solutions, and find out how Apparelmaster can help keep your workplace fresh and hygienic while reducing the risk of workplace accidents.

Branded And Personalised Floor Mats

If you'd like your company floor mats to carry a personalised message or company branding, then consider our high-quality, customised floor matting solution. We can easily accommodate corporate colour schemes, company logos, images and personalised messages, providing you with photo-quality finish floor mats.

Call us today to discuss the various mat sizes, colour options and mat types most suited to your workplace.

Special Purpose And Safety Mats

In certain environments, rubber safety mats are a ‘must have’ that allow companies to maintain required high levels of workplace safety and comfort in commercial environments. We carry an array of specialised floor mats suitable to a wide range of work environments, including food preparation areas, workshops, laboratories, industrial environments, hospitality work areas, general wet areas and entranceways.

Our range of rubber mats and safety mats includes:

  • Dust/dirt control mats
  • Anti-fatigue mats
  • Anti-microbial mats
  • Non-slip mats

Apparelmaster: Masters of workplace mats rental and laundry services.

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