2011 Apparelmaster Business Awards

2011 Apparelmaster Business Awards


Jun 23, 2011

2011 Apparelmaster Business Awards

Every year Apparelmaster formally recognises and rewards members of the group who have performed exceptionally. In May of this year at the Annual Conference the top awards were presented as follows:

Wrights Apparelmaster of Ashburton

Supreme Apparelmaster Business of the Year


Diamond Drycleaners and Apparelmaster of Hastings

Runner up Apparelmaster Business of the Year


Sales Achievement award,

recognising consistent efforts with positive outcomes in growing the business, awarded to Apparelmaster Christchurch who were achieving good growth on growth prior to facing challenges of the Christchurch Earthquake.


Customer Service Representative of the Year,

awarded to Doug Pyke for delivering consistent exceptional service for over 27 years to the many clients of Pryors Apparelmaster in the Auckland region.


Recognition of service to the industry

awarded to Dene Nickel, owner/operator of Coastline Apparelmaster in Whakatane, who has been involved in and committed to providing superior drycleaning services to the industry for over 45 years.


The Child Child Cancer Foundation

of which Apparelmaster is a strong supporter, also presented an award to the Apparelmaster business who raised the most funds during Child Cancer awareness month.


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