2011 Best Rugby World Cup...ever!

2011 Best Rugby World Cup...ever!

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Nov 1, 2014

2011 RWC best laundry service...ever

Rugby is inherently a dirty game and team uniforms take an absolute hiding. The scars of battle are numerous: stains from field paint, grass, mud, blood, sweat (and for the French in 2011 – tears). But the challenge on the field is surely rivalled off the field, when ensuring the team kit is once again in pristine condition, for the next run-on in front of a possible 60,000 fans - and millions worldwide.

Over almost 6 weeks, the 2011 Rugby World Cup was the largest sporting event ever held in New Zealand. Whilst the RWC was in full flight, Apparelmaster ensured that the entire travelling kit of all 20 teams (40 people strong on average), match officials and refs, were picked up, washed and delivered back in pristine condition – sometimes on the same day! From socks to jocks, each individual players wash bag included: practise and game day gear, pre and post-match uniforms and personal civvies. 

Alongside Apparelmaster, a number of well-healed local and respected international laundry service providers were asked to pitch for the contract. Providing national coverage was of course imperative, being a truly New Zealand owned and locally operated business was understandably preferable. Although these two factors gave Apparelmaster the edge, it was the laundry experience gained over generations, the attention to detail (apparent through consolidated daily reports) and the passion to get it right every time, that gave Rugby New Zealand the unreserved confidence to give Apparelmaster the nod. As a result Rugby New Zealand appointed Apparelmaster as the Official Laundry Service Provider for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

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