Apparelmaster appointed again...

Apparelmaster appointed again...

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Nov 10, 2014

After the huge success of the 2011 Rugby World Cup laundry service provided by Apparelmaster to all 20 teams, Apparelmaster are again proud to have been appointed as the Official Laundry Service provider for 2015 Cricket World Cup.

For other laundry service providers, managing the laundry for all 14 Cricket World Cup teams would present a daunting logistical nightmare, but not Apparelmaster. Through their truly national chain of owner operators, Apparelmaster are able to successfully launder between 3000 and 5000 garments for all 14 teams…daily! This includes everything in the team kit, from casuals to practise gear, through to their No. 1’s, which of course must be impeccable, without the slightest hint of grass or tea stain!

So what is the Apparelmaster advantage? The 2011 Rugby World Cup allowed Apparelmaster to further fine tune their hugely successful and purpose designed ‘Event Laundry Logistics’ template. And again this has provided a seamless process for all involved in the Cricket World Cup, right down to exact pick up and drop off times each and every day, for the entire tournament - The ‘Event Laundry Logistics’ template has been so successful the IRB are using it again for the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Apparelmaster are now recognised as the go to team in New Zealand for large events such as these and are currently in the middle of negotiations to assist the FIFA U20 World Cup, being held in New Zealand in May of this year.

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