Apparelmaster Digs Deep for Life Education Trust 2021

Apparelmaster Digs Deep for Life Education Trust 2021

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May 21, 2021

We were thrilled to hold our 42nd Annual Apparelmaster Conference last week in the beautiful sunshine of Tauranga. After a bit of a false start in 2020 due to COVID-19, I can report that this years’ conference was a roaring success. Much fun was had, the Apparelmaster Golf Masters Green Dustcoat was hotly contended, and the team was more than ready for another night of fundraising for Life Education Trust (Harold the Giraffe).

Cavalry Marketing and Design and STORM IMC pulled together another brilliant event with an awesome pub-style Quiz at the magnificent new TCL Apparelmaster laundry facility. A huge thanks to Terry and Karen for their generous hospitality – it really is an exceptional facility and a great place for a party! With 120 very competitive people in the room, competition was tight - and those that didn't get to hoist the trophy for the Quiz, certainly dug deep with the many Raffles and Auction facilitated by Cavalry and STORM.

Glen from Cavalry was pretty chuffed to write a rather large cheque to Apparelmaster to pass on to Life Education Trust to the tune of $23,000! Life Education Trust will be very happy campers! Magnificent effort to all those who attended - and a huge thanks to MC Geoff Dolan who helped make it such a fun evening. No one better in the business I reckon!


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