Apparelmaster meets Harold

Apparelmaster meets Harold


Aug 5, 2015

Apparelmaster New Zealand MD Bevan Ritchie (and father of three) was delighted to announce at this year’s Owners Conference, that the Apparelmaster Owners were united in their decision to support Life Education Trust, as their charity of choice.

Life Education is a charity that provides children with the knowledge to make informed choices about their health, to support and respect others and learn to appreciate their uniqueness. Every year they teach over 245,000 primary and intermediate children from the Far North to Southland in their unique learning environments. Their mascot, Harold, is a household name with school age children. Harold, who is a giraffe, was chosen to remind children to stand tall like a giraffe and because giraffes, like humans, each have a unique spot pattern just like each person has a different fingerprint.

 “From Head Office right through the national network, Apparelmaster is very much a family run business. Most of the owners are all parents (and in cases grandparents) so choosing to support Life Education Trust, with all it does for kids these days, was a no-brainer for Apparelmaster" said Bevan.

Click here for more information on Life Education Trust

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