Hope in Action: A Heartfelt Donation to Parkinson's NZ

Hope in Action: A Heartfelt Donation to Parkinson's NZ


Oct 26, 2023

Last week marked a special moment for Brad Craig of La Nuova Apparelmaster and Apparelmaster NZ's Managing Director Bevan Ritchie as they proudly donated $6,000 to Parkinson’s NZ at their headquarters in Wellington. This generous amount was the remaining fund from our earlier cyclone relief fundraiser.

The decision to support Parkinson’s NZ came with a lot of thought. This charity, unfortunately, is facing financial challenges, with a significant 75% cut in government funding this year. More personally, Brad's cherished mother, Perrie, bravely fought Parkinson’s until she passed away a few years ago. This made the decision even more poignant, transforming it into a heartfelt tribute to her memory.

Laurence Milton, representing Parkinson’s NZ, was deeply appreciative of the gesture. Indeed, moments like these bring a deep sense of warmth and community spirit, reminding us all of the difference we can make when we come together.

Parkinson’s NZ has been making a difference for over 40 years, helping people, whanau and carers with Parkinson’s and Parkinsonism conditions, to access the best possible information, education, and support to live positively with Parkinson’s.

They provide home visits, support groups, seminars, social activities and share the latest news and research to help people understand and self-manage Parkinson's. By offering wrap around care and support the team work alongside health service providers to ensure no one needs to live with Parkinson’s alone.