Instep Silver status

Instep Silver status


Sep 30, 2010

Pryors Apparelmaster (Auckland) and La Nuova Apparelmaster (New Plymouth) have recently achieved Silver Status in the Carbon and Sustainability Programme undertaken by InStep (a division of Asian Scientific Technologies Limited).

Over the past year (1 Oct 09—30 Sept 2010) La Nuova Apparelmaster produced 530.57 tonnes of CO2e from identified emission sources. Pryors Apparelmaster produced 652.18 tonnes.

It was found that La Nuova produced a standardized carbon footprint of 0.56kg CO2e per kg of laundry and Pryors produced 0.44 tonne of CO2e per tonne of laundry. Various aspects of the business were monitored including

  • company vehicles;
  • equipment fuel;
  • paper and publications;
  • landfill waste;
  • air travel;
  • staff commuting;
  • distributed energy;
  • consumed electricity;
  • ​refrigeration and cooling.

Each organisation has also set themselves a hefty goal of reducing their carbon footprint over the next twelve months by 20% through various initiatives. This is an intensity based goal, meaning they are striving to achieve lower emissions per kg/tonne laundry rather than lowering the absolute carbon footprint. This is to acknowledge that their respective business will hopefully grow over the coming years, whilst still gaining in efficiency.

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