La Nuova Apparelmaster Facility Recognised For Innovation

La Nuova Apparelmaster Facility Recognised For Innovation

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Nov 20, 2023

The Apparelmaster Group’s commitment to leadership through innovation and technology has once again gained national recognition in the form of a recent business news articles published in Stuff and TVNZ 1 News.

The articles center on a significant upgrade at La Nuova Apparelmaster plant in Inglewood, which has seen a major upgrade to the facility and a sizable investment in plant automation.

Under the guidance of Managing Director, Brad Craig, La Nuova Apparelmaster has successfully completed a $5 million upgrade to its Inglewood plant, now New Zealand's most technologically advanced industrial laundry facility.

The newly implemented, state-of-the-art automation features AI-driven automatic sorting, high-capacity towel-folding machinery capable of handling 700-800 towels per hour and an overhead rail system to move bags of laundry quickly and efficiently throughout the facility.

In addition to the increased speed and efficiency the new upgrade also delivers improved outcomes a in respect to resource conservation and sustainability. It has been noted and praised that the introduction of the new technologies did not result in any job losses. La Nuova Apparelmaster currently sustains a workforce of 80 individuals, spanning from New Plymouth to Whanganui, with 55 dedicated team members at the Inglewood plant.

This significant investment in technology and the focus on business innovation aligns seamlessly with the Apparelmaster Group’s commitment to deliver improved customer value through technology and drive environmental sustainability in all business operations.

Congratulations to Brad Craig and the entire team at La Nuova Apparelmaster on yet another successful project and for their ongoing commitment to driving business innovation and sustainability.

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