Electric Delivery Vans – Bring it on McCallums!

Electric Delivery Vans – Bring it on McCallums!


Jan 30, 2019

We are so thrilled for one of our awesome Apparelmaster families! McCallums Group in Southland are delighted to announce they are one of the 31 successful applicants out of 77, of the EECA’s Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund this year. The $35,000 they receive from the fund will go toward an electric van to replace one of their delivery vans with a view to replace the entire fleet with EV’s over the next five years.  This is one of many initiatives this forward-thinking Apparelmaster business is undertaking as they continue to focus on improving their sustainability year on year.


Since joining the Instep programme, an independent carbon and sustainability programme, in 2013, McCallums have already reduced their total emissions by 40.32% and are constantly exploring ways to keep improving on this. Good on you team!


The McCallums team worked alongside Venture Southland to adopt LEAN practices where ever possible, with carbon reduction and thermal optimisation projects taking priority. The focus on fleet management is an important step in the businesses sustainability commitment as they run 14 commercial vehicles from as far as Bluff and up to Queenstown. With 18% of greenhouse gas emissions in New Zealand coming from transport,  McCallums recognise the need to reduce this aspect of their carbon footprint.


Given the range of regular travel all over Southland, McCallums sees themselves as an advocate and committed promoter of the use of Electric Vehicles on New Zealand roads, especially to other commercial organisations, and they are proud to be contributing to keeping New Zealand green.


The Honourable Dr Megan Woods, Energy and Resources Minister said “This round of funding focuses on innovative projects that expand the use and possibilities of electric vehicles and other low emissions technology in the transport space. It’s about making new technology available to help Kiwis get around, lower our carbon emissions and contribute to our economy.”


McCallums Group and Apparelmaster Group are proud to be among the 31 organisations recognized and funded for their efforts to keep New Zealand clean, green, and sustainable for the future.


For more information about McCallums Group please visit www.mccallums.co.nz