Preens Apparelmaster road safety

Preens Apparelmaster road safety


Mar 30, 2015


The 2015 Safer Journeys Expo, previously Drive to Survive, is a local community initiative run for school kids that are about to start driving. The programme is run by the NZ Police and Fire services, St Johns Ambulance and volunteer support.


Preens Apparelmaster's Targa Rally sponsored Porsche with its full roll cage, race seats, safety racing belts and other safety features, was perfect for emphasising the huge difference between a modern day road car and a $2,000 banger. 

During the Expo students are also exposed to a frighteningly realistic crash scene, where actors play out the roles of victims in an actual crashed vehicle. NZ Fire and St Johns cover their individual roles by providing rescue support to the actors; the outcome is that one actor is pulled from the vehicle and taken away in a body bag. It's a hard hitting formula that sends a very powerful message to all drivers, but in particular young new drivers. 

The program is run over 3 days and has up to 350 students per day go through many aspects of driving, cars in general and road safety.

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