Pryors Apparelmaster Divert 11,623 Kgs Of Textiles From Landfill

Pryors Apparelmaster Divert 11,623 Kgs Of Textiles From Landfill


Dec 20, 2023

At Pryors Apparelmaster, their dedication to sustainability and corporate responsibility is evident in every aspect of their operations. One noteworthy feature of this commitment is the proactive approach taken to minimise textile waste and ensure responsible garment disposal. In October 2022, Pryors Apparelmaster entered into a partnership with Impact Textile Recycling (formerly Upparel), marking a pivotal step in the company's sustainability journey.

Comprehensive data for the first year of collaboration has recently been received, revealing remarkable figures. From October 2022 to October 2023, Pryors Apparelmaster successfully diverted an impressive 11,623 kgs of textiles away from landfills. This initiative not only prevented textile waste but also contributed to avoiding the release of 40,679 kgs of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. To contextualise these achievements, this is equivalent to the emissions from burning 12,327 kgs of coal, powering 22.1 homes with electricity for a year, or covering the distance of 277,847 kms driven by an average passenger vehicle.

Pryors Apparelmaster takes immense pride in these accomplishments, viewing them as a significant milestone in their sustainability efforts. These results not only reflect the company's commitment to environmental stewardship but also serve as a benchmark for continuous improvement in the years to come. The team is excited about building on these achievements and setting even higher standards for their sustainability initiatives in the future.