Supporting Life Education Trust

Supporting Life Education Trust


Aug 20, 2019

Apparelmaster has been proudly supporting the Life Education Trust for over 5 years. In this time the group has raised over $30,000 for the Trust at their annual conference through the many fun fundraising events that attending branches and suppliers contribute to – and, to be fair, it must be said that there’s a bit of competition that goes on at these events as well, which benefits the Trust significantly!

Kylie Brackfield, one of our owner-operators at The Laundry Masters in Rotorua, has been a Trustee for the Life Education Rotorua Area Trust since 2015. She and her team are passionate about supporting their local community and her commitment to supporting the programme is something the Apparelmaster Group is proud of.

The Trust focusses on helping children to attain their individual potential and is a critical part of building successful and healthy communities within New Zealand.

Kylie believes that the programme is vital to the emotional and intellectual education of New Zealand’s children, and has been an enthusiastic advocate for the programme for many years. She is thrilled with the support the Apparelmaster Group has given the Trust over the years as a major national sponsor.

It is an absolute joy to see children learning, asking questions they may not be able to ask anywhere else, becoming alive with knowledge, and knowing that we have a small part to play in this through our support.” - Kylie Brackfield, The Laundry Masters, Rotorua

The Life Education Trust is a practical, measured and researched programme. Presented in a passionate way that leaves a lasting positive impression on our young people, the programme gives children the skills they need to become the best they can be. This resonates with Kylie and the entire team at The Laundry Masters, as well the Apparelmaster group.

Life Education is the largest, community owned and funded, health education programme in New Zealand and it is a pleasure to partner with Life Education at a local level, as well as at a national level through the Apparelmaster network.

To be part of a programme whose purpose is to educate and empower children to make healthy choices so they can live full and healthy lives is humbling. The educators are so committed to these kids, and you can tell the kids just love them! Bernie, our local educator in Rotorua, is a delight and is truly passionate about helping each child understand that they have the power to choose a healthy life.” - Kylie Brackfield