Why is Workplace Safety Important?

Why is Workplace Safety Important?


Nov 13, 2019

Why is workplace safety important?

Workplace safety is a vital element for many of our Apparelmaster customers across New Zealand. Strict guidelines in Health and Safety and Food Handling mean that many of our clients require apparel and other supplies that must adhere to strict heath and safety regulations. We take workplace safety very seriously at Apparelmaster and we provide our customers with the best high vis, PPE and food handling apparel and other items to ensure your workplace and your staff are safe and compliant.


1.    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including Hi Vis

This may be the most obvious, but Personal Protective Equipment is mandatory across many trades and industries in New Zealand. At Apparelmaster, we supply Hi-Vis garments, protective overalls and more. Not only do we provide them, we also pick up your dirties, clean them to the highest standards, and deliver fresh, compliant uniforms back to you. You even have the option to customise them with your logo and staff name, or your own unique design. Apparelmaster understands that protective garments must be of the highest quality and standards in order to pass regulations. Partnering with our Apparelmaster team to launder and repair your garments relieves the need for constant maintenance and ensures that you and your staff are protected. That’s one less worry to think about!

2.     Customised uniforms or garments

Apparelmaster can help you improve your workplace safety by providing, laundering and maintaining customised garments for all of your staff. For those in hospitality or customer service, having easily identifiable staff who have matching aprons, shirts, trousers or jackets, can improve your workplace safety as there is less risk of cross-contamination with food handling. The same goes for those in other food industry specific workplaces where we can provide you with jerkins, overalls and dust coats. The food production, manufacturing, and packaging industry is required by law to adhere to strict regulations in regard to workwear and Apparelmaster provide, launder, and deliver fully compliant workwear to a large number of clients around the country.


3.     Floor Mats

Slippery floors are more than just a hazard, they can be down-right dangerous! Apparelmaster provides you with a range of floor mats to help reinforce the value you place on your teams safety and the hygiene of your workplace. Mats are also an effective way to guide visitors, especially with our custom branded mats that we offer. We provide dust/dirt control mats, anti-fatigue mats, anti-microbial mats and non-slip mats. Plus, as in our other rental options, your local Apparelmaster team will ensure your mats are picked up, specially laundered, and delivered back spic and span without any hassle.


4.     Washroom and Towel Supplies

We also provide washroom, bathroom and towelling supplies including laundered towels, cabinet towels, paper towels, toilet rolls, soaps and sanitisers and other bathroom requirements. Having a clean washroom can stop the spread of bacteria, and therefore help to improve your workplace safety and hygiene. With Apparelmaster, we ensure your workplace bathrooms have all the fresh towelling, toilet rolls, and other bathroom essentials you need so you don’t have to worry about it.


5.    First Aid Kits

At Apparelmaster we understand the importance of having first aid kits and plenty of essential supplies in every workplace. We can provide you with fully managed first aid kits specific to your workplace or work vehicles and we ensure all of your first-aid kits are serviced and well-stocked. With Apparelmaster’s first aid kits, you can rest assured knowing you comply with Occupational Health and Safety standards, are using hospital grade medical supplies, and have a guarantee of continuous supply of refills.


Contact your local Apparelmaster branch today to speak to one of our experts for more information on how our workplace safety solutions can support you and your team with your unique and specific needs. ­­