Winners Instep with Sustainability

Winners Instep with Sustainability


May 18, 2017

The 39th annual Apparelmaster conference took place recently, with Apparelmaster business owners, managers and team members from across New Zealand coming together in Auckland to celebrate success at their awards night.

Over the last few years, Apparelmaster has increased its focus on reducing its Carbon Footprint with sites being actively encouraged to participate in various initiatives, one of which is the Instep Sustainability Programme.

In recent years, business awareness and management controls in relation to environmental impact, sustainability and reputational risk, have never been so important. The Instep programme provides businesses with the tools to monitor and manage their carbon footprint, along with supplying advice and tips on how to reduce businesses impact on the environment.

Tailored reports help motivate business owners to manage their emissions on an ongoing basis and enable them to monitor and record the difference they are making. With many companies now basing purchasing decisions on eco-credentials, businesses that don’t have sustainability programmes and policies will be left behind.

Minimising environmental impact

The Instep Sustainability Awards presented at the Apparalemaster conference recognise operations that have implemented and introduced management controls and initiatives to minimise environmental impact from their daily operations. Whilst reporting on the operational carbon emissions (CO2e), the Instep Sustainability Programme and Sustainability Awards focus on every aspect of business operations ranging from crucial equipment, and fuel, through to waste going to landfill sites.

The awards are divided into three important sections:

1.Lowest Total CO2e Emissions Generated

This award is presented to the operation that generates the lowest level of CO2e emissions over a 12-month period.

2.Lowest Standardised CO2e Emissions

Standardised CO2e emissions measures the intensity based aspect of emission generation.  All operations are subtly different and the lowest total CO2e emission producer may not be the most efficient.

The Standardised CO2e Emission Award recognises the operation that has generated the least amount of CO2e per business activity. The unit of measurement in the Apparelmaster Group is tonne of laundry processed.

3.Largest Reduction in CO2e Emissions

The Instep Sustainability Programme is a ‘progressive improvement’ programme which monitors and reports changes that impact on the operation’s CO2e emissions, which in turn relate to efficiency and management of costs. This important award is presented to those operators who have delivered the largest reduction in their operational standardised CO2e emissions over the previous 12-month period.

A new award was introduced in 2016 - the Water Consumption Award (affectionately known as the ‘drip of the year’ award). It has been introduced to raise awareness of the increasing dilemma with regard to water availability, environmental impact and general sustainability of this crucial component of the laundry Industry. This award recognises the lowest consumer of water per tonne of laundry processed.


Congratulations to the 2016 winners


Lowest Total CO2e Emissions Generated:

McCallums Apparemaster            Large Capacity Operation

Wrights Apparelmaster                 Medium Capacity Operation


Lowest Standardised CO2e Emissions:

McCallums Apparemaster            Large Capacity Operation

Apparelmaster Rotorua                 Medium Capacity Operation


Largest Reduction in CO2e Emissions:

La Nuova Apparelmaster              Large Capacity Operation

Apparelmaster Rotorua                 Medium Capacity Operation


Water Consumption:

Pryor’s Apparelmaster


If you’d like to find out more about Apparelmaster sustainability initiatives click here or contact your nearest branch.

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