Workwear Solutions that are “Business Critical”

Key facts at a glance

  • Tecpak produces better packaging solutions across both New Zealand and Australia.
  • Tecpak manufactures a selection of tamper evident tubs largely for the food industry.
  • Hygeine regulations means workwear solutions for Tecpak are operational-critical.
  • Preens Apparelmaster have been servicing Tecpak for over 25 years.

Omnidegradable solutions for a more sustainable New Zealand

Dunedin based manufacturing company, Tecpak Solutions produces and offers better packaging solutions for a range of companies throughout both New Zealand and Australia. The company manufactures a variety of tamper evident tubs predominantly for the food industry, including a range of Omnidegradable solutions. Operating for over 30 years, their packaging is sustainable, functional, and affordable, and is manufactured from food grade materials. This gives their customers a better choice when it comes to packaging their products, especially in the food industry.


The Team at Tecpak

The team at Tecpak lead by innovative visionary, Robert Pocius, is highly experienced in food technology, packaging lines and packaging consumables. Tecpak prides itself on offering solutions to a variety of packaging challenges faced by their customers, and they are able to access a network of international partners to ensure they are providing the latest in global advancements.

Due to strict food hygiene requirements, workwear solutions for Tecpak are critical – the business is simply unable to operate without it.


Support from Preens Apparelmaster

For over 10 years Preens Apparelmaster have been providing a range of workwear solutions for Tecpak. White and blue overalls are one of the most important. The white overalls are used in the production facility and workers are unable to go past the demarcation line without their ‘whites’ on.


“Our workwear solutions are business critical – we simply can’t operate without them.” Geoff Racz, Production Manager at Tecpak


The blue overalls, however, are for the servicing team. This is because grease shows up excessively on white – the blue overalls being much more forgiving. Embroidery is also provided by Preens Apparelmaster, personalising each team members workwear. Too add to this, with Tecpak often having temporary staff on site, casual overalls are also required. Because the staff are only temporary, Preens Apparelmaster provides a range of sets in different sizes to cater to this.


Not only do they provide workwear and embroidery, but Preens Apparealmaster also supply Tecpak with mops, mats and towels. Assorted mop heads are provided by Preens Apparelmaster to clean specific areas of the facility. Mats are also provided for the reception and café areas, keeping those areas safer and minimizing slip zone issues. And towels are supplied as Roller Cabinet Towel Systems in the washrooms and tea towels in the café.


“Everything works like clockwork – Preens Apparelmaster make it really easy.” Geoff Racz, Production Manager at Tecpak



Operation Critical Solutions

Tecpak needs to ensure their workwear used onsite adheres to strict hygiene regulations and the team at Preens Apparelmaster provide solutions that meet the most stringent regulations so the Tecpak team can continue to operate.

  • White Overalls (80%)
  • Blue Overalls (20%)
  • Embroidery
  • Casual Overalls
  • Mops
  • Mats
  • Roller Cabinet Towel Systems
  • Tea Towels

Comments from the Client


Being able to provide a company like Tecpak with all the workwear solutions as well as mops, tea towels, mats, and personalized embroidery solutions for staff, makes it all so easy. The number of visitors to the site and temp workers who need casual overalls onsite means Preens Apparelmaster makes sure Tecpak has enough clean spares in a range of sizes onsite at all times.

“It’s great that we can get all our workplace solutions from one partner.” Geoff Racz

Over 25 Years Great Service

Tecpac has been a customer of Preens Apparelmaster for over 25 Years. In that time, the team at Preens Apparelmaster have tweaked the garments and brought them up to modern standards as time went on. Originally the Tecpak team were in standard polycotton overalls but these proved to be too hot, so Preens Apparelmaster changed to the lightest weight polycotton for the sake of keeping the Tecpak team comfortable.


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