Protection and Presentation: two birds, one stone

Key facts at a glance

-       Foleys has been running in Dunedin since 1934.

-       Health and safety are a top priority for the team at Foleys.

-       Preens Apparelmaster aids Foleys in meeting their health and safety guidelines while achieving great brand consistency.

-       Preens Apparelmaster provides Foleys with a wide range of solutions.

Foleys Commitments

Since beginning in 1934 in Dunedin, Foleys has grown into a team of 200+ staff, including 37 apprentices across its ten New Zealand locations. Foleys are specialists in plumbing, gasfitting, electrical, drainage and mechanical services. They are members of Master Plumbers and Master Electricians and all of Foleys tradespeople are licensed by the Plumbers, Drainlayers and Gasfitters or the Electrical Workers Registration Board. Over 10 percent of the Foleys team have been working for the company for over 10 years, which has built a strong grounding of experience and expertise within the company.


Safety Comes First 

Keeping the team safe is a top priority for the team at Foleys. It is a requirement that all staff members adhere to the health and safety policy and procedures, including wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). To ensure a safe working environment, tradespeople are first aid trained, and wear PPE supplied by Preens Apparelmaster.


Thanks to Apparelmaster

Branded workwear helps Foleys achieve brand consistency by presenting a coherent and professional appearance. Preens Apparelmaster provides Foleys with branded workwear to achieve brand consistency across all locations and staff with a coherent and professional appearance. Not only does the workwear look great, but it also helps the team at Foleys comply with health and safety policy and procedures. Our reliable Preens Apparelmaster supplies red and black overalls that are embroidered and personalised for each staff member. Preens also supplies day and night high-visibility vests, floor mats, cabinet towels, locker systems, tea towels, kitchen bar wipes and.


“Our relationship with Preens is very strong. They are very easy to deal with, flexible and it all just happens without any dramas. I don’t hear of any issues. When there are minor things to look at, they just get sorted. What Apparelmaster has brought is a much-improved service.”  - Craig Foley, Dunedin Hub Manager at Foleys




Main Solutions- Preens Apparelmaster Provided


Foleys works in an environment with comprehensive health and safety regulations. They also have a number of branches, which makes it difficult to monitor all of the health and safety precautions holistically. Preens Apparelmaster has provided them with a solution to manage this and make the team look professional.


Red & Black Overalls

Day & Night High-Visibility Vests



Cabinet towels

Locker Systems

Tea Towels

End of Life (EOL) – throw away items from Apparelmaster (rags).

Comments from the Client


“Our relationship with Preens is very strong. They are very easy to deal with, flexible and it all just happens without any dramas. Invoicing is broken out by person and this means it is very transparent and easy to understand. When there are minor things to look at, they just get sorted. The key thing for us was having a genuine national partner that could align to where we have our branches. It’s a one-stop-shop. Wherever we are, Apparelmaster can sort us out. What Apparelmaster bought us is a much-improved service.”

-       Craig Foley, Dunedin Hub Manager at Foleys

Two birds, one stone


Preens Apparelmaster is the answer to the wishes of Foleys. They provide a seamless, hassle-free service that not only supplies Foleys with great safety workwear, but launders and customises them with embroidery to match the brand and each tradesperson.

To strengthen the brand, Preens Apparelmaster also provides mats and other apparel. Why sacrifice appearance for safety when you can have both?


Safety workwear? ✔

Strong brand? ✔

More? ✔


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