Work Shirts And Trousers

Work shirts and work trousers are a common component of many company uniforms and are a must for any business that wishes to present a professional image. As the New Zealand leaders in fully managed workwear solutions, you can trust Apparelmaster to supply you with quality work shirts and work trousers and deliver an all-in-one workwear solution. Apparelmaster ensure you have the right work shirts and work trousers for the job, delivered clean and on time, every time.

With Apparelmaster's Total Workwear Solution, we not only provide you with all your work shirts, work pants and other garments, we provide a complete workwear and apparel solution that includes professional laundering, dry cleaning and repairs, along with guaranteed collections and deliveries of clean uniforms. Our works shirt and trousers can also be bought outright, or if required we can even arrange the cleaning and laundering of existing workwear. Talk to us about your individual requirements.

At Apparelmaster we understand the vigorous demands of the workplace and the stress that work uniforms are consistently under. With years of experience and expertise in delivering high quality workwear solutions, we can quickly guide you through the various work shirt and trouser options. The individual fitting process ensures your team get the most suitable and comfortable workwear available. A smartly presented workforce is a credit to any company and for a lot of businesses this means ensuring that your staff are regularly supplied with clean and fresh work shirts and work trousers.

As a company workwear and uniform specialist, we offer an extensive range of work shirts and trousers, for both men and women in all trades, businesses and retail environments. Our range of durable, good looking, hardwearing work shirts, trousers and uniforms come in a wide range of styles and colours. Features include:

  • Long and short sleeve work shirts for men and women.
  • Long trousers or pants for men and women including straight, pleated and boat pant.
  • Serviced-based workwear and uniforms back and underarm ventilation; double knees for longer wear and tear.

We offer a wide range of colours from the standard black, grey and navy through to reds and blues and two-tone garments.


We offer an extensive range of work shirt and trouser options to enable you to achieve the look you want for your workforce and help them project a highly professional image to your customer base.

We supply work shirts and trousers to a wide range of industries and businesses that include; retail, sales and service, electricians, technicians and engineers; automotive services centres and a whole lot more.

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