If you are looking for a comprehensive workplace rental and management solution, you need to speak to Apparelmaster. We can supply you with all your workplace floor matting, all manner of towelling and towelling systems (such as roller cabinets) washroom dispensers and consumables, hygiene systems and supplies, garment lockers and OSH approved First Aid kits. Best of all, with Apparelmaster there is nothing for you to buy, we purchase all these workplace necessities and any kind of workwear and then rent them back to you; so there’s no need for unnecessary capital outlay for your business. What's more, rather than just simply renting it to you Apparelmaster also commercially clean, service and maintain all these items with one seamless and affordable workwear and workplace solution.

Our workplace equipment rental services Includes:

·        Floor Mats including entrance mats, a range of wet area and safety mats and custom branded mats

·        Roller towels and roller towel cabinet systems

·        Washroom towels and general all purpose cloths

·        Hospitality towels including: tea towels, lint free glass cloths and wash cloths

·        Hygiene and sanitary disposal systems

·        Washroom supplies including soap dispensers and consumables

·        OSH approved first-aid kits and first aid supplies

·        Garment lockers

To find out more about our workplace supplies or our workwear solutions contact us today.